Activities & us

- 200 years of history and country life -

We love to live here. There are plenty of things to do and fresh air to breath. At times it is quite busy but then there are moments to sit down, listen to the birds singing and let your thoughts come and go. You are welcome to visit us and enjoy the beauty of Finnish Lakeland area. Below we tell more about ourselves and the things you can do here.


Get the Finnish style sauna experience and enjoy the good heat of our lakeside sauna that our father has built over 40 years ago. If you feel like cooling off after the bath, the sauna has direct access to the lake where you can enjoy a refreshing swim.

This sauna experience from 25 eur/h.

Open fire

For our guests' disposal there is a Lapland style hut for open fire and barbeque.

We can do a pancake dough or arrange pancake party for you for an extra cost.

Rowing boats

Loma-Pälsilä cottage has its own rowing boat for guests to use. Other guests can borrow rowing boats at the farm.

Kayak rental

We rent a kayak, too. When paddling the kayak enjoy the silence on the lake and check the water birds around you.

Kayak from 30 eur/day.

Sup-board rental

Our lake is calm and it is a perfect place to try sup-board paddling. Rent a sup-board for an evening and enjoy the silent lake.

Sup-board from 25 eur/day.

Bicycle rental

We rent basic bicycles. Ride a bike to Kuhmoinen and have an ice cream in the beautiful harbour or explore tranquil village roads.

Bicycles from 15 eur/day.

Winter activities

In winter time when staying in the cottage you can rent snowshoes, ski and go ice fishing. We rent also ice fishing equipment and can familiarize you to the joyful activity of ice fishing if wished.

Snow shoes from 15 eur/day, ice drill from 15 eur/stay.

Forests and village roads

Walk through the magical forest and along winding village roads. Find your own way or walk along nature trails. Pick fresh berries and mushroom. Look at the beauty of the plants' work of art, listen to the sound of wind and smell the fresh forest.

Isojärvi National Park

Isojärvi National Park is close by and is a beautiful and popular day trip destination. There you may see even a beaver!

Local excursions

Do an excursion to one of huts and fire places Kuhmoinen has. In snowy winter you can even make a skiing trip and stop by a hut to fry sausages. Fire places are accessible by foot and some places also by car. Historical Linnavuori has stunning views from top of the hill and is worth a trip, too.

Mountain biking

Kuhmoinen mountain biking trail is starting in 4 kms from us. If you have a mountain bike check this trail. Also walking is allowed on this trail. Another beautiful MTB trail is the Isojärvi National Park mountain biking trail.

Lake Päijänne

Lake Päijänne is close to our place. In summer visit the harbor, take a cruise or make a trip to Päijänne National Park. In winter when the ice is thick enough, it is a perfect place to get some fresh air, only one kilometer away from us.

Baking together

We love to bake and this tradition has moved over from granma to my mom and now to me. Let's bake Finnish buns using my mom's recipe and get the authentic experience of our life. This is exclusively for guests staying in Loma-Pälsilä cottage. If interested, ask more! An extra cost.


Our favourites! Dip your toes in warm lake water. Enjoy the surroundings, cranes singing in the early morning, mist behind the hay barn on the fields and sound of little waves when angling on the pier.

Our story

Many generations of the family have been living here before us and each generation has left its mark in the history of the farm. 

In the 90's my parents became aware of the possibilities that the beautiful setting and the excellent location close to main roads had. The tourism started to supplement the farming livelihood. My dad renovated traditional farm buildings for their new usage serving as accommodation for guests looking for the unique experience of the old days. As a skilled builder my dad also constructed new log cottages for accommodation. He also planned and built the large lakeside cottage Loma-Pälsilä, which had to be done by lifting one log at a time. Close to the Poikkijärvi lake was built a hut for guests to enjoy open fire and barbeque. Visiting guests had the chance to bath in the traditional lakeside sauna and dip in the water in between.

I spent my childhood here surrounded by pets and happiness. My roots grew deep in this ground. University studies and jobs took me to cities and abroad but I always knew that one day I would return. Now the farm has shifted to the next generation of the family and it is my time to continue the story with the same enthusiasm, perseverance and energy as already for the last two centuries. We honour the old and get inspired by the new. Respect to the environment and sustainable way of living is the guiding star of our life.